Helene Baker

"I love Helene. She helped me buy my house in 2008 and just helped me sell it. She made the process so easy and really helped me make all the tough decisions." - Carrie

As a member since 2004, I am fully supported by this company's inspiring ethics, innovative technology and unsurpassed professionalism. My background in property management makes me both a strong buying and listing agent — I scour properties quickly and thoroughly, as inspection comes naturally to me. I provide clients with full-service real estate care across a large swath of Northern Colorado, including Fort Lupton, Brighton, Platteville, Evans, Firestone/Frederick, and Lochbuie.

I am originally from Massachusetts and lived there until 1980, when I left to pursue a nursing position in Los Angeles. After LA, I made Las Vegas my home for 12 years. I then ventured to Colorado in 1992, originally settled in Lakewood and have since lived all over the Denver Metro area.

Between my husband and me, we have four children. (Coincidentally, both our girls are the same age and our boys are the same age!) Our family is incredibly important to us; we have six grandchildren together and really enjoy spending time with them.

I firmly believe in the importance of community involvement. And I am actively involved in Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Children's Hospital Diabetes Center.

Traveling is my favorite pastime: I have explored Hawaii, vacationed in the Bahamas and have extensively toured the West. I could easily just hop into my car and drive! And although I personally love the entire United States, there are still so many activities I plan to experience in Colorado.

I fell into real estate for two reasons: a license was necessary for upward mobility in my past career and because it simply came naturally to me. When purchasing my own home in Colorado, it took months to find the right one before I put it under contract. My agent looked at me and jokingly said "You remember every house you've walked into!" ...I just had an eye for this career!

My eight-year background in property management gives me the upper edge in this industry. Upon entering a house, I automatically perform a basic inspection and instantaneously check to see if the house is up to snuff. I can easily pick out problems, because I think on the level of an inspector.

And with 15 years of experience in contracts, I am also very comfortable interpreting the fine print for my clients. I am very patient, stay in constant communication and try to simplify every last detail.

I have been a REALTOR since July 2003 and love my profession because I genuinely care about my clients and their happiness. Buying and selling real estate can sometimes be a very traumatic affair, but I work my absolute hardest to alleviate the process.

Through my own personal encounters, I am very aware bad agents exist that don't handle business properly. I vow to stand behind my clients' best interests. If I don't know the answer, I'll call someone who does.

As a REALTOR, I take my job very seriously and have always maintained an incredibly strong work ethic. Some days, I find myself working from sunrise past sunset, but I want to be available for my clients. And there are no qualms or complaints; I absolutely enjoy what I do!

Since joining COhomefinder in 2004, I have been an integral part of a very supportive family. From President Lane Hornung to the Client Care Team, every employee full-heartedly strives to cultivate a respectful, professional and amicable environment. 8z Real Estate handpicks the best REALTORS, utilizes state-of-the-art technology and provides the most innovative, yet humanly aware real estate team in Colorado.

I am so proud to stand behind a company that is significantly changing the way real estate is practiced!


I too want to say thank you! To all of you, for everything! It is an amazing occurrence to be involved with your child’s ‘Firsts’ in their life, from first steps, first words, first graduations, and even his first send off overseas! Happily another marvelous First is helping and watching your young man buy his first house, and getting to know first hand, so many great people while doing that! This is a great ‘First’ day for us all. Thank you all again!


Helene is putting hard work into trying to find a home with acreage that fits our needs. It's great to know that there are so many caring beautiful people in the beautiful state of Colorado!

Dave & James

Thank You So Much for all of your help through this whole thing. I'm really glad 8z hooked us up with you, I really don't think we could have pulled this deal off without you representing for us. We're both looking forward to seeing you again in a few weeks and being neighbors when we get moved up there.


I have worked with many realtors over the years and looked at hundreds of houses. If I had to choose the realtor that was there to meet the needs of my searches it would be Helene. She not only put all her resources to work for me to help me find my dream cabin but she became a friend. Helene goes above and beyond what most realtors are known for and gets to know you as a person so she can tailor her search for your dream home based on who you are and what you specify to her. Thank you Helene for being such a huge part of our life during our search!